Spirited Away Launch Party

 I wanted to give a huge thanks to the friends who celebrated the launch of Spirited Away Cocktails with me last month.  I’m happy to report that Spirited Away is now nine weeks old and we’ve reached 13 published blog posts… with many more to come! I’m really excited for […]

Seelbach (Bubbly Series)

For our final classic champagne cocktail, I’d like to introduce you to the Seelbach, an inventive drink with a curious history. This cocktail was named after the Seelbach Hotel, which is still operating today in Louisville, Kentucky. The Seelbach is a true Pre-Prohibition cocktail, originating in 1917 as the hotel’s […]

Down in the Valley (Bubbly Series)

On Friday night, I was out with some friends, and we were talking about how we all have certain words on menus that jump out at us and we almost always order a dish or drink that features them. For me, the words  “chartreuse,” “beets,” and “smoke” always stand out […]

La Fille en Rose (Bubbly Series)

La Fille en Rose was inspired by last week’s classic cocktail, the French 75. As I’ve mentioned before, I think the best way to begin making your own cocktail creations is to look at the recipes of drinks you like and to consider, can I substitute in another flavor for one of […]

French 75 (Bubbly Series)

Many apologies for the hiatus in blog updates– life has been busy as I’ve geared up for the holiday season and, more importantly, Spirited Away‘s official launch party! Stayed tuned for some teaser photos at the end of this post! December is perhaps the perfect time to highlight Spirited Away‘s “Bubbly Series.” After […]

Meet Me in Amsterdam (Bubbly series)

You might say Meet Me in Amsterdam is a twist on a twist. This Dutch-inspired drink is a Bols Genever martini, which is taken to a whole other level by the addition of sparkling wine. Genever, known as the grandfather of gin, remains popular throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, and […]

Old Cuban (Bubbly Series)

  The Old Cuban is a popular champagne cocktail using rum, lime, and mint. It was created by Audrey Saunders of the Pegu Club in New York City in the early 2000’s, and it has quickly become a modern classic, I think for its simplicity, elegance, and down-right tastiness. The Old Cuban has […]

Announcing the Bubbly Series!

I would like to introduce the Bubbly Series! Over the upcoming few days, I will be publishing a series of cocktails featuring one of my favorite drinks- bubbly! To be precise, there will be six cocktails in the series: 3 classics and 3 original creations. Made with gins, rums, bourbons, genevers, and […]

The Balanchine (and an Intro to Infusions)

  Vodka tends to have a bad rap among bartenders, despite being the most popular spirit in America. There are a number of complaints aimed against the spirit: It’s flavorless! It’s odorless! It adds no character to a drink– only alcohol content! And I am sure there are a number […]

Sparkling Apple Cider Punch

  This punch recipe was inspired by the Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria recipe over at my favorite cooking blog, thekitchn. I made some slight variations to the original recipe, substituting in Calvados for the cognac, adding a few dashes of Angostura bitters, and garnishing with fresh cranberries.