A Man About Town

Sometimes the simplest drinks are the best. This cocktail, A Man About Town, has just three ingredients– Campari, St. Germain, and bourbon– which allows each of these first-rate spirits to truly shine.  Plus, it’s dead simple to make, using liqueurs that are frequently found in at-home bars. A common complaint I’ve heard […]

Cobble Hill

  The Cobble Hill is a refreshing, summery take on the old stand-by, the Manhattan. This drink is pretty new in cocktail history, created in 2009 by Sam Ross at Milk and Honey (NYC), one of my favorite bars. Like its inspiration, the (dry) Manhattan, the Cobble Hill has a […]

We Take to the Woods

I personally love cocktails with a hint of smokiness. I think smoke is a powerful flavor and smell that can be incredibly evocative of past memories. I am fascinated by how food and drink link us to our past lives and experiences. Talented bartenders (and chefs) can use these memories […]

The Red Rider

One of the biggest concerns I’ve heard from people looking to set up a home bar is about cost. It’s true: alcohol can be very expensive. When you’re focused on making cocktails, the logic of spending changes (a theme I will revisit again the future). For example, if you are […]