La Fée Verte Martini

There is perhaps no other cocktail that is more well-known, celebrated, and disputed than the martini. Today’s cocktail, La Fée Verte (aka the Green Fairy) Martini, is my spin on the iconic drink. La Fée Verte Martini combines gin with sweet and dry vermouths. However, it’s real magic comes from the inclusion […]

Hanky Panky

  Whether you’re single or coupled, here’s your chance to get some Hanky Panky this Valentine’s Day! The Hanky Panky is a classic gin cocktail that’s a riff off an old standby, the martini. The drink combines equal parts gin and sweet vermouth as the base of the drink (I used […]

La Fille en Rose (Bubbly Series)

La Fille en Rose was inspired by last week’s classic cocktail, the French 75. As I’ve mentioned before, I think the best way to begin making your own cocktail creations is to look at the recipes of drinks you like and to consider, can I substitute in another flavor for one of […]

French 75 (Bubbly Series)

Many apologies for the hiatus in blog updates– life has been busy as I’ve geared up for the holiday season and, more importantly, Spirited Away‘s official launch party! Stayed tuned for some teaser photos at the end of this post! December is perhaps the perfect time to highlight Spirited Away‘s “Bubbly Series.” After […]